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When Fox News debuted it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its Internet community web site, Fox Nation, serves as the online gathering place for Fox viewers to absorb and spread the aggregated disinformation and conspiracy theories hatched by Fox News.

Two years ago the first volume of Fox Nation vs. Reality was published revealing an Internet operation that was dedicated to fiercely partisan, right-wing distortions of the truth. Its mission was, and remains, to construct a safe haven for the broader Fox News community to reinforce their preferred fantasies and unfounded preconceptions. Since then Fox Nation has evolved into an even more sheltered environment that has taken on many characteristics of culthood.

Fox Nation vs. Reality Volume II: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance, provides an eye-opening look into the lengths that committed propagandists will go in order to fabricate an alternative political reality. And remember, Fox Nation is not some remote outpost on the Internet Superhighway. It is an integral part of Fox News whose executives are wholly responsible for the stain it produces on journalism.

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Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Gets Bigger and Stupider with ‘Discovery’ of 100K ‘Obsolete’ Votes

For Donald Trump, it wasn’t bad enough that he incited a deadly insurrection in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. He seems to be determined to cause even greater harm and destruction as his allegations become ever more deranged. His delusional insistence that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from him is further infecting his dimwitted […]

Tucker Carlson Exposed as an Anonymous Source Who Sucks Up to the Media He Hates

For years there has been a debate about whether the hacks on Fox News actually believe the lies they tell every day. Some people think they are just spreading disinformation because it advances their right-wing agenda. Others say they are just in it for the money. For the Murdoch family that runs Fox News there’s […]

PSAKI BOMB: Jen Psaki Scorches Jim Jordan for Gaslighting on Gas Prices

Nothing brightens the dawn of a new day more than the glare on the horizon of new Psaki Bomb, courtesy of President Biden’s illuminating press secretary, Jen Psaki. On a regular basis she enfeebles the hapless White House correspondent from Fox News, Peter Doocy. However, on Monday morning the Republican Shrieker of the House, Jim […]

Fox News Ignores Questions About Tucker Carlson’s Crackpot FBI Conspiracy Theory

It’s standard operating procedure for Fox News to stonewall any attempt to get them to validate the dystopian fantasies that they pass off as “news.” They do that for two reasons: 1) They can’t validate it. And 2) They don’t want to. Their fictionalized reporting is a deliberate decision on their part to construct a […]

Breaking BS on Fox News: Hunter Biden is Selling His Artwork to… Russians? Drug Cartels?

Fox News is continuing to have difficulties finding anything substantive – or real – that they can use to attack President Biden. That’s why they’ve been resorting to pitiful, manufactured “scandals” like whether or not he wears a face mask, or blaming him for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A, or mocking the romance in his […]

Did Donald Trump Jr Just Admit Daddy Trump Was ‘Rolling Over on Everything’ for Putin?

It’s fairly obvious that the Trump family was cursed with a genetic tendency toward arrogance, entitlement, dishonesty, vengefulness, and most of all, glaring ignorance. The evidence of that is abundant in virtually everything Donald Trump had done in his failed presidency and his public life beforehand. As affirmation of the old saying that the rotten […]

Fox News and Republicans are Lying Extra Hard to Confuse Everyone About Voting Reform

Ever since Joe Biden humiliated Donald Trump – beating him by more than seven million votes – the despondent Cult of Trump has whined that Trump didn’t really lose. They continue to cling desperately to the “Big Lie” that the election was rigged and that the presidency was stolen. These are the fantastical delusions that […]

Trump on ‘The Blacks’: His Critical Race Theory Op-Ed Advocates Compulsory Ignorance

Another day, another revelation about just how despicable Donald Trump really is. A new book (Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost) reports that Trump was upset that African-Americans weren’t more adoring of him. “I’ve done all this stuff for the Blacks,” Trump whines, “and they all f**king hate […]

Fox News Gets GOP Activists to Pose as ‘Everyday Americans’ Against Critical Race Theory

If anyone still needs convincing that Fox News is an entertainment medium that produces nothing but hostile and divisive, politically charged melodrama, this may be the proof you’ve been waiting for. The devotedly right-wing purveyor of propaganda has been staging episodes to stir up opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), an academic field of study […]

Sean Hannity Fumes Over Failures to Hold Putin Accountable – By Donald Trump

Nothing is as predictable as the knee-jerk, anti-Biden, freak outs by the petulant propagandists at Fox News. And naturally, the knives came out for Biden after his summit meeting with Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. They actually came out before the meeting, with Sean Hannity playing out his role as a Russian asset, maligning America’s President […]

Hypocrisy Unchained: Fox News is Appalled that Biden ‘Snapped’ at a CNN Reporter

The transition from the surreal and hostile psychoses of Donald Trump, to the decidedly more rational and stable personality of Joe Biden, has a produced a series of “eye rolling” moments that can provoke both laughter and confusion. There has been a desperate struggle by Fox News and other right-wing media to contrive “scandals” from […]

Tucker Carlson Insanely Accuses the FBI of Orchestrating Trump’s Capitol Insurrection

Three weeks ago, Republicans in Congress blocked the formation of a bipartisan committee to investigate the circumstances that led to Donald Trump’s Capitol Hill insurrection. They did this despite the fact that the they themselves were the targets of violent insurrectionists. Never mind that they also did it to protect themselves and Trump from the […]

Trump Delusionally Brags About His Social Media – That Has Cratered Since He Got Banned

The mental meltdown of Donald Trump is continuing – even accelerating – seven months after Joe Biden beat him by more than seven million votes. In all that time Trump has never conceded defeat. But he has incited a violent insurrection and promoted numerous “fraudits” of election results that were already validated by every state […]

SRSLY? Fox News Whines About Biden Criticizing the GOP and Trump’s ‘Phony Populism’

From its inception twenty-five years ago, Fox News has been a relentlessly biased, anti-Democratic, propaganda purveyor working diligently on behalf of the Republican Party and, more recently, the Trump cult. They abandoned any pretense to either fairness or balance. Their CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, even admitted publicly that he considered the network’s job to be opposing […]

Fox News and Trump Tool, Kayleigh McEnany, Says She Never Lied Because … God

The audacity of Donald Trump and his cadre of confederates never ceases to amaze. When they aren’t inciting their cult disciples to vigilantism or insurrection, they’re manufacturing “scandals” to malign President Biden, Democrats, or anyone else they perceive to be enemies. So much of the right-wing playbook is focused on projection and lying that it’s […]

It Wasn’t Just Democrats: Trump Also Spied on Don McGahn, His Own White House Counsel

Last week it was disclosed that Donald Trump’s Department of Justice secretly seized phone data from Democratic opponents in what amounts to an authoritarian style inquisition. The targets of the probe included Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and impeachment manager Eric Swalwell. It was an unprecedented abuse of power triggered by Trump’s acute paranoia and […]

Fox News Vigilantes, Lara Trump and ‘Judge’ Pirro, Issue Call to ‘Arm Up’ to Shoot Migrants

There is a harrowing pattern of advocating violence that is indelibly integrated into the modern, Donald Trump diseased, Republican Party. It was evident in Trump’s rhetoric that glorified hostility toward his critics at his his cult rallies. It was inbred in his attacks on Democrats and the press as “the enemy.” And it recently manifested […]

Newsmax Numbskulls Want Fox News Execs Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

The kooky conservative cable news war is heating up. For twenty-five years Fox News has reigned as King of the Hate TV Hill. But with the advent of Donald Trump and his laser-focused interest in exalting himself, upstarts like One America News and Newsmax have sprung up to test the bootlicking leadership of Fox’s Trump-fluffers. […]

Fox News Homepage Ignores Shocking Story About Trump’s DOJ Spying on Democrats

When Donald Trump was still occupying the White House, it was common to see Fox News acting as his Ministry of Disinformation. It was the fulfillment of their mission as the wholly committed right-wing mouthpiece for ultra-conservative propaganda. And Fox News carried out their mission without hesitation or shame. However, it might have been fair […]

Putin Toady Trump Admits He Trusts Russia Over U.S. On Eve of Summit with Biden

In his latest statement from exile, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear where his loyalty lies (with an emphasis on “lies”). And he simultaneously confirmed just how deeply consumed he is by the patently insane paranoia he’s been peddling for the past four years. Trump’s new “Save America” (from democracy?) message is like a […]