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When Fox News debuted it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its Internet community web site, Fox Nation, serves as the online gathering place for Fox viewers to absorb and spread the aggregated disinformation and conspiracy theories hatched by Fox News.

Two years ago the first volume of Fox Nation vs. Reality was published revealing an Internet operation that was dedicated to fiercely partisan, right-wing distortions of the truth. Its mission was, and remains, to construct a safe haven for the broader Fox News community to reinforce their preferred fantasies and unfounded preconceptions. Since then Fox Nation has evolved into an even more sheltered environment that has taken on many characteristics of culthood.

Fox Nation vs. Reality Volume II: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance, provides an eye-opening look into the lengths that committed propagandists will go in order to fabricate an alternative political reality. And remember, Fox Nation is not some remote outpost on the Internet Superhighway. It is an integral part of Fox News whose executives are wholly responsible for the stain it produces on journalism.

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Trump’s TV Lawyer Keeps Contradicting His (Variable) Excuses for Hoarding Classified Materials

The legal geniuses that have represented Donald Trump over the years have not exactly distinguished themselves as paragons of their profession. They include the likes of Rudy Giuliani, whose license to practice has been suspended, and QAnon adherent, Sidney Powell. And those may be the cream of the crock. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Fox News Fear Mongers that Biden’s IRS Agents Will ‘Hunt Down and Kill Middle Class Taxpayers’

From its inception, Fox News has been a fear factory, manufacturing nightmarish scenarios that they could ascribe to Democratic politicians and pundits who seek to improve the lives of average Americans. The Fox News narrative is a non-stop dystopian disinformation machine built to undermine democracy, on behalf of the Republican GOP (Greedy One Percent). Click […]

Trump’s Ludicrous ‘Whataboutism’ Falsely Accuses Obama of Absconding With Classified Documents

In the wake of the FBI searching Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, the right-wing propaganda machine has been working overtime to defend their aspiring authoritarian master. It’s been a dangerously dishonest display of disinformation intended to stoke fear and hostility among Trump’s cult followers Click here to Tweet this article In the days after the FBI […]

Fox News Surprisingly Grills GOP Rep Scalise About His Wacko Charges of ‘Rogue’ FBI Agents

On Monday Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker was served a with search warrant by the FBI who were reportedly looking for classified documents that Trump unlawfully took from the White House and failed to disclose he still had. It is a crime that has serious implications for national security, as well as severe penalties for violators. […]

Snowflake Trump Pleads the Fifth Amendment, So Let’s Break Down His Desperately Deranged Reasons

On Wednesday Donald Trump finally appeared for a deposition that he tried desperately for months to avoid. After losing every appeal to quash the order to testify, Trump showed up and, when he got there, took the cowardly way out by pleading the Fifth Amendment (more than 400 times). You know, the one that enables […]

The Trump Cult Knows He’s Guilty, So They’re All on Fox News Yammering About Planted Evidence

In the wake of the FBI searching Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, his worshipful cult followers have been mired in panic mode. Their reaction is perhaps the the most telling proof that Trump is guilty of serious crimes, and they know it. Click here to Tweet this article What’s astonishing about the post-FBI search is that […]

Eric Trump Admits on Fox News that the Trump Admin Interfered with Justice Department Business

The old adage that, if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves, has never been more apt than when applied to the Trump family. On Monday the FBI served a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago. And the mindlessly defensive responses have revealed boatload of info about the criminal proclivities […]

Fox News Spews Knee-Jerk Defense of Wannabe Dictator Trump After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago

In what everyone – including Donald Trump – is calling an unprecedented act by federal law enforcement authorities, the Trump compound at Mar-a-Lago was the subject of a search warrant by FBI agents in connection to Trump’s potentially criminal removal and possession of classified documents from the White House. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Bunker Has Been Raided by the FBI, and His Reaction is Predictably Bonkers

The former reality TV game show host and crime family boss, Donald Trump, has announced to the world that his Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, has been raided by the FBI. This is a developing story and little is known beyond the basic facts that a search warrant was served, although it is unclear which of […]

Envious of Nazi Loyalty to Hitler, Trump Raged ‘Why Can’t You Be Like the German Generals?’

One of the most profoundly disquieting aspects of Donald Trump’s brief but historically horrifying occupancy of the white House is the abundance of scathing tell-all books published by his former staffers and associates. There has never been a former president who was more reviled by the people who worked most closely to him. Click here […]

Trump’s TRUTH Social Twitter Ripoff Suffers Another Setback Due to His Criminal Corruption

When Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump two days after the January 6th insurrection that he incited, they said that it was “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” There was a collective sigh of relief in America in anticipation that his maniacal raving might be muffled for a while. Unfortunately, that was not […]

Karine Jean-Pierre Has to School Peter Doocy of Fox News that Lower Gas Prices Are a Good Thing

The mission of Fox News from its inception has been to deceive their viewers by distorting the stories they present in order to advance the interests of corporations and the wealthy. They feverishly twist their “alternative facts” into maliciously negative attacks on Democrats and progressives seeking to benefit the majority of the American people. Click […]

Fox News Hack Tucker Carlson Lamely Tries to Insult Jon Stewart, Gets Another Brutal Beat Down

Some people just don’t know when to leave bad enough alone. And at the top of the list of those pitifully oblivious meatheads is the Fox News Senior Schmuck and Fascist Asslicker, Tucker Carlson. For someone who has been savagely steamrolled so often in the past, you might think that Carlson had learned something. You […]

Republicans Get Pissy When Buttigieg Praises Biden Bill that Makes EVs More Affordable

The Republican Party seems to be committed to establishing itself as an anti-American confederacy that is focused only on acquiring and maintaining money and power. They demonstrate on a daily basis that their only loyalty is to the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host, and aspiring authoritarian dictator, Donald Trump. Click here to Tweet […]

Trump-Endorsed (?) Rep Eric Swalwell Says ‘This is Gonna Be a Wave Election Alright…A BLUE One!’

Tuesday’s primaries produced a mixed bag of results for both Democrats and Republicans. Some of Trump’s endorsed candidates succeeded in winning predictably Republican contests. But the headline victory went to the voters in Kansas who preserved the state constitution’s protection of privacy and the rights of access to abortion. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Joe Manchin Calls Out Fox News Host for Lying About Biden Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

Sen. Joe Manchin has become the Democrat that Democrats love to hate. He has obstructed legislation that his party and his President have worked on for months. Legislation that would benefit most of the American people, as well as the Party’s political prospects for the upcoming midterm elections. Click here to Tweet this article While […]

Lauren Boebert Tells Newsmax that They Eat Dogs In Venezuela Because They Don’t Have Guns

At what point do we throw up our hands in the air and concede that Republicans are are just a perverse comedy troupe trying to punk America? Because that appears to be only way to make any rational sense of some (most) of the blitheringly idiotic things they do and say. Click here to Tweet […]

Trump Projects His Own Dementia on Biden in a Nauseating Mash Up of COVID and Election Fraud

On Saturday President Joe Biden revealed that he has a “rebound” case of COVID-19, something that is fairly common among those treated with Paxlovid. He reports that he has no symptoms, but will be isolating in consideration of others, while continuing to work in the White House residence. Click here to Tweet this article However, […]

Trump Proves His Idiocy (Again): He Thinks Verizon Dropping One America News (OAN) is Illegal

The depth of Donald Trump’s ignorance is impossible to measure. He is the Mariana Trench of stupidity. And yet, he seems perpetually compelled to show off how pitifully feeble-minded he is at every opportunity. He appears to have a perverse pride in being an utter imbecile. Perhaps it makes him feel closer to his dimwitted […]

Trump Attorney Announces Laughable Lawsuit Against CNN for Accurately Calling Trump a Liar

Donald Trump is nothing if not predictable. Whenever he encounters bad news he responds reflexively by going on the attack. Often that manifests in his declaring an intention to file a lawsuit against those he deems to have offended him. For the most part, his antics fail to achieve anything except to waste the time […]