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When Fox News debuted it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its Internet community web site, Fox Nation, serves as the online gathering place for Fox viewers to absorb and spread the aggregated disinformation and conspiracy theories hatched by Fox News.

Two years ago the first volume of Fox Nation vs. Reality was published revealing an Internet operation that was dedicated to fiercely partisan, right-wing distortions of the truth. Its mission was, and remains, to construct a safe haven for the broader Fox News community to reinforce their preferred fantasies and unfounded preconceptions. Since then Fox Nation has evolved into an even more sheltered environment that has taken on many characteristics of culthood.

Fox Nation vs. Reality Volume II: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance, provides an eye-opening look into the lengths that committed propagandists will go in order to fabricate an alternative political reality. And remember, Fox Nation is not some remote outpost on the Internet Superhighway. It is an integral part of Fox News whose executives are wholly responsible for the stain it produces on journalism.

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Trump’s Legal Slush Fund PAC Has Barely Enough Cash to Cover One Month of His Legal Bills

The 2024 presidential race is off to a roaring start as candidates for both parties secured their nominations unusually early. As the incumbent, President Biden didn’t have any notable opposition. And the former reality TV show host, and convicted felon, Donald Trump, ignored his challengers and chickened out of every Republican primary debate. Click here […]

Trump’s Fear and Desperation Show as He Says Biden is Both ‘The Worst’ and ‘A Worthy’ Debater

As the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle approaches, the candidates are preparing for their epic battle in strikingly different ways. President Biden is studying policies and holding mock debates with experienced colleagues. While Donald Trump is cramming on his cult rally rants and scrambling for defenses of his felony convictions. Click here […]

From Hush Money to Flush Money: Trump’s Felony Convictions Trigger ~50% Truth Social Stock Flop

It has been nearly a month since Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in order to cover up his affair with adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Trump and his team have been frantically reacting to his being the first former president ever to be convicted of felonies by […]

TRUMP IS RIGHT! In a Mad Rage, Felon of Foy Declares that ‘Nobody Can Ever Trust Fox News’

It must be exhausting to be Donald Trump, who somehow manages to maintain a near constant state of outrage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If he isn’t unloading his perpetual fury at President Biden or some other unwitting Democrat for respectably serving the public, Trump is blasting his fellow Republicans for failing […]

WANNABE DICTATOR Trump Demands that All Business Execs Be FIRED If They’re Not 100% Behind Trump

The overtly fascistic facets of Donald Trump’s warped character, and that of his malicious MAGA movement, have been apparent from its inception. Like any aspiring authoritarian, Trump has insisted that his cult disciples obey his every command, believe his every lie, and ignore the evidence of their own eyes and ears that reveal his aversion […]

Newsmax Host Berates Jurors for Not Exposing Themselves to Deadly Threats From the Trump Cult

Three weeks ago Donald Trump was unanimously found guilty by a fair and impartial jury of his peers on all of 34 felony charges brought against him. It was a clean sweep for the prosecution, a bitter disappointment for the defense, and well deserved comeuppance for Trump, who is now the first ever former president […]

Fox News Admits that the GOP is Demanding Tapes of Biden So They Can Mock Him for Stuttering

Among the tediously repeated lines that Trump delivers in his traveling cult rallies is a new one wherein he declares that the 2024 presidential election is “the most important election in the history of the United States.” And for once, he isn’t wrong. But he also isn’t right for the reasons that he thinks. Click […]

WARNING: Lara Trump Swears to Track Down and Prosecute Election Cheaters – Like Donald Trump?

Ever since Donald Trump lost the presidential election in 2020, he has been obsessed with disseminating his “Big Lie” that there was massive voter fraud on a national scale that was successfully orchestrated by the evil genius, President Biden, who Trump says “can’t put two sentences together.” Click here to Tweet this article Never mind […]

Trump Horribly Bungles His ‘Horrible City’ Swipe at Milwaukee with Help from a Fox News Flunky

It is universally agreed that Donald Trump has always run an unconventional campaign for the White House. He never engages in any of the customary meet and greets with prospective voters, or base building efforts to attract new supporters. Click here to Tweet this article Trump prefers instead to hold cult rallies where he keeps […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene is OUTRAGED at Being Called ‘Fringe’: ‘It’s Not Me, It’s Rachel Maddow!’

Last week the unofficial chair of the House MAGA Fringe Caucus, Marjorie Taylor Greene, proposed a bill to defund the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance that has protected much of the world from aggression by Russia for 75 years. Greene’s opposition is rooted in her animosity toward Ukraine, President Biden, and democracy. Click […]

HUH? Fox News and GOP Rep Think Democrats Will Draft Michelle Obama Due to Hunter Biden Verdict

As the 2024 presidential election cycle unfolds, one thing is becoming clearer with each passing day. The Republican Party is descending ever deeper into an abyss of desperation and unqualified madness at the heels of their convicted felon nominee for president. Donald Trump’s prospects are rapidly declining, and he is doing absolutely nothing to broaden […]

SCAREDY TRUMP? Sean Hannity Concocts an Excuse for Trump to Chicken Out of Debate with Biden

In about two weeks (June 27) the first debate between President Biden and convicted felon Donald Trump is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Regardless of what happens during the debate, it will be a historic event due to the fact that it will be the first time that a convicted felon is a […]

LOCK HIM UP: After Guilty Verdicts, Poll Finds that More Americans Say Trump Should Go To Prison

Even before Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of felony falsification of business records (in his so-called “Hush Money” case), he and his MAGA media minions were salivating over the prospect of his conviction. That’s right. They were convinced that it would result in some sort of alternative universe backlash and that his […]

Fox News is Steaming Mad at GOP Chairman Comer for Being an Incompetent Biden Persecutor

The Republican obsession with manufacturing criminal charges against President Biden has suffered for years from an absolute failure to find any crumb of a crime that they could pin on the President. And it is driving them crazy knowing that their failure is the a result of a combination of their incompetence and the fact […]

Trump and Fox News Legal ‘Experts’ Call for a Mistrial After Falling for an Obvious Hoax

Last week a unanimous jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felonies affirming that he had falsified business records when he paid off a porn star to buy her silence, and covered it up in order to deceive the public just prior to an election, Since then Trump and his apologists have been frantically trying […]

Trump Still Swears to Take Revenge on Political Foes Even After Lame Attempts to Walk it Back

The prospect of another four years of Donald Trump occupying the White House is a blood curdling notion that most Americans would find more nauseating than dinner with Hannibal Lector who, along with Jeffrey Epstein, has been making more frequent appearances in Trump’s stump speeches at his cult rallies. Click here to Tweet this article […]

POOR BABY: Trump Insists He’s a ‘Legitimate Person’ Who is ‘Under Siege’ in a ‘Banana Republic’

This week the Wall Street Journal published an article with a brazenly biased headline saying that “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping.” The article featured quotes and baseless allegations that were almost exclusively by partisan Republicans known for their tendency to shamelessly lie to malign President Biden. Click here to Tweet this article […]

In Desperation, Due to Guilty Verdicts and Flagging Polls, Trump Flip-Flops on Mail-In Voting

From the beginning of his misadventures in politics, Donald Trump has opposed any form of voting other than a same day presence at a physical polling place. He has insisted that all forms of early voting and mail-in balloting are schemes contrived by Democrats to contaminate elections with fraud. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Crybaby Trump Whines that ‘I Am a Political Prisoner,’ then Proves He Has No Idea What that Means

One of the most predictable personality flaws that convicted felon Donald Trump displays is his pitiful and persistent pronouncements of victimhood. For someone who is so obsessed with presenting an image of strength, he sure complains a lot about how he is so bruised and battered by his innumerable foes including those he regards as […]

Mob Boss Trump Threatens to Sue News Group Over Story Exposing His Mob Boss Activities

The legal tribulations of convicted felon Donald Trump continue to pile up even after he was found guilty of 34 felonies related to his “hush money” payoff to adult film actor/producer, Stormy Daniels. Apparently being convicted of falsifying business records, and financial and tax fraud, wasn’t enough to deter Trump from launching new legal misadventures. […]