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When Fox News debuted it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its Internet community web site, Fox Nation, serves as the online gathering place for Fox viewers to absorb and spread the aggregated disinformation and conspiracy theories hatched by Fox News.

Two years ago the first volume of Fox Nation vs. Reality was published revealing an Internet operation that was dedicated to fiercely partisan, right-wing distortions of the truth. Its mission was, and remains, to construct a safe haven for the broader Fox News community to reinforce their preferred fantasies and unfounded preconceptions. Since then Fox Nation has evolved into an even more sheltered environment that has taken on many characteristics of culthood.

Fox Nation vs. Reality Volume II: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance, provides an eye-opening look into the lengths that committed propagandists will go in order to fabricate an alternative political reality. And remember, Fox Nation is not some remote outpost on the Internet Superhighway. It is an integral part of Fox News whose executives are wholly responsible for the stain it produces on journalism.

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Upcoming Republican Primary Debates May Have Only Two Candidates – But Still No Cowardly Trump

The race for the Republican Party’s nomination for President in 2024 has been a laughably lame affair that appears to be modeled after a third rate reality TV show. It’s “Apprentice – White House” without the boorish board room finale where the playacting potentate pretends to fire one of the contemptible contestants. Click here to […]

WHOA! Peter Doocy of Fox News Reports that the GOP Failed to Find Any Evidence to Impeach Biden

It has been nearly a year since the Republican Party assumed their razor-thin (and shrinking) majority in the House of Representatives. In all of that time they have vigorously avoided and/or opposed any legislation that would actually have a positive effect on the lives of the American people. Click here to Tweet this article Instead, […]

Lara Trump Flips Charges – that Donald Trump is Running for President to Avoid Prison – to Biden

It has become increasingly clear that the primary campaign strategy of Donald Trump as he seeks to reoccupy the White House is a variation on the elementary school debate response, “I know you are, but what am I?” It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Trump camp would revert to such a childish tactic considering that […]

Trump Cloddishly Dodges Hannity’s Softball Questions About Whether He Would Be a Dictator

Like clockwork, whenever Trump is suffering from some sort of emotional breakdown, he scurries off to cuddle in the comforting embrace of his adoring sycophants at Fox News. So no one will be surprised that, as his legal perils mount, Trump sat down for yet another fluffing session with his BFF Sean Hannity. Click here […]

GOP Speaker Johnson is Helping Criminals who Stormed the Capitol on January 6th to Evade the Law

The Republican Party has long referred to itself as the party of “law and order.” That has never really been true, but it is farther removed from that description than ever with its current leader, Donald Trump, who is facing 91 felony charges, and has already been found liable for multiple crimes including financial fraud […]

Trump Confesses to Bouts of Rage and Gluttony After Liz Cheney Reports His Reaction to January 6

It’s uncanny that the best source of damaging information about Donald Trump is frequently Donald Trump. He never seems the least bit hesitant to engage in rhetoric that others would find offensive, and his psychoses are so ingrained that he is either unaware when he is validating them or, considering his inflated ego, he’s downright […]

Trump Blows Blatantly Racist Dog Whistles to Motivate MAGA Voter Intimidation Squads in 2024

Three years after the presidential election of 2020, Donald Trump is still whining about having decisively lost to Joe Biden. He is clearly obsessed with not being able to beat a candidate that he tried to dismiss as a senile communist. And Trump has made his delusional despondency over that defeat the foundation of his […]

Speaker Mike Johnson Gives Fox News His Utterly Phony ‘Straightforward Facts’ to Impeach Biden

Ever since the Republican Party barely assumed the majority in the House of Representatives earlier this year, they have devotedly focused on meritless attacks aimed at President Joe Biden and other Democrats. Their determination to malign their political foes has consumed them entirely, to the exclusion of anything remotely resembling the actual interests of the […]

Congress Boots Lying Liar George Santos, While Trump Remains Leader of the Republican Party

Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda for the German Nazi government, was a notorious proponent of the “Big Lie” theory that says if you’re going to tell a lie, make a big one. He contended that people were more likely to believe a big lie told frequently, than smaller, less significant lies. And Donald Trump […]

Cantankerous Trump Demonstrates Precisely Why His Gag Order Was Appropriately Reinstated

The trials and tribulations of Donald Trump continue to unfold in ways that reveal just how far down the rabid hole he has descended. As his legal peril increases, so does his hostility and his irrational reactions to the charges he faces and the consequences of his criminal conduct. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Trump Threatens to ‘Come Down Hard on’ MSNBC and ‘Make Them Pay’ for Daring to Criticize Him

One thing you can say for Donald Trump is that he isn’t ashamed to admit his authoritarian aspirations and his intentions to reign in the mold of his tyrannical heroes Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping. And the American people need to believe him when he promises to replace democracy with a dictatorship […]

GOP and Fox News Oppose Public Testimony By Hunter Biden Because Then They Can’t Lie About It

The Republican Party’s control of the House of Representatives has been a chaotic nightmare from day one. It took them fifteen votes to select a Speaker. Then, nine months later they dumped him and took another three weeks to select his replacement. They have been a master class in disorganization, ultra-partisanship, and utter neglect of […]

Fox News is TERRIFIED that Obama is Running the Country and is Responsible for Biden’s Success

It must be getting more difficult for Fox News to manufacture scandals that they can attribute to President Biden and other Democrats and to be appalled by. The ones they are coming up with these days are achieving a degree of inanity that exceeds there wildest previous efforts. It’s hard to know whether we should […]

Fox News Downplays Trump’s Flagrantly Fascist Remarks and Overtly Authoritarian Aspirations

The mission of Fox News has always been to advance the interests of the ultra-rightist elites and the political players who represent them. To that end the network has devoted itself to insuring that government was always in the control of those who would preserve the power of corporations and the wealthy. It’s what Mussolini […]

Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris Over Fake War on Gas Stoves and Says Democrats ‘Hate Humans’

From its inception, Fox News has had a reputation as a brazenly dishonest purveyor of right-wing propaganda and partisan lies intended to advance conservative Republican agendas and politicians. It doesn’t employ credible reporters, authenticate its stories, and has never been regarded as a legitimate journalistic enterprise. Click here to Tweet this article Just this week […]

Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Sexual Assault – Is That a Trump Employment Prerequisite?

The number of Donald Trump associates implicated in illegal and/or immoral conduct just went up again. He already held the record for such unsavory connections in both his political and private lives, but he is apparently determined to set the bar so high that no one will ever challenge his dominance in depravity. Click here […]

Trump’s Heartwarming Thanksgiving Message Drips with Dread and Hate for His Legions of Enemies

The Thanksgiving holiday is a unique occasion for American families to gather and to show their appreciation for the blessings in their lives. Unlike holidays that memorialize loss or bygone battles, it is a celebration of people and things for which we have gratitude and offers an opportunity to express it. Click here to Tweet […]

Crybaby Trump Whines About Media Accurately Reporting Low Attendance at His Cult Rallies

For as long as Donald Trump has been in public life he has been obsessed with exalting himself as the smartest, handsomest, bestest at everything that any human being ever attempted. It’s the hallmark of a malignant narcissist, which, ironically, is something that he actually has excelled at. He glorifies himself – as he would […]

LOLOL: Mike Lindell is Ready to Lead the Republican National Committee if Asked By Trump

The 2024 presidential election will be profoundly consequential for the nation. It will be a choice between Joe Biden, a senior statesman who has proven that he works for the people and respects the Constitution, and Donald Trump, a 78 year old megalomaniac who is facing 91 felony charges, assaulted women, incited a violent insurrection, […]

Fox News Aims at Biden with Crackpot COVID Conspiracy, but Hits Trump as a Puppet of China

The propagandists at Fox News must be getting pretty desperate for potential pseudo-scandals to gin up against President Biden and the Democrats. Every attempt they have made to malign the President has resulted in an embarrassing blowback that drenched themselves in their own slime. Click here to Tweet this article Ever since Republicans assumed their […]